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West Walking Tour

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2 hours

Our London Westminster Tour begins outside the famous historical pub the Red Lion on Parliament Street, a stone’s throw away from Westminster Underground Station and where you’ll meet your guide to kick off the experience.

From there, you’ll head for a closer look at the Palace of Westminster, the meeting place of the two houses of Parliament and the seat of British governmental power.

Be awed by the power and majesty of Westminster Abbey’s unique architecture, and learn the fascinating history behind some of England’s most memorable and recognisable buildings as the sound of the bell of Big Ben echoes around you.

Continuing on through Dean’s Yard, the remnants of a former monastery, you’ll head on, passing the Imperial War Rooms where your guide will regale and shock you with the stories of England’s most legendary battles and heroes.

Next, you’ll continue on through St. James’s Park, a lush and picturesque green space home to pelicans and squirrels, on your way to Buckingham Palace!

After grabbing a quick selfie and brushing shoulders with the Queen and Her Majesty’s guards, you’ll head through the Mall to observe the monument to two of England’s most treasured and revered monarchs - who you might recognise from a famous Hollywood film!

You’ll then walk on through Horse Guards Parade, where the Queen’s official guard roam on horseback through the streets.

Finally, you’ll head on to Banqueting House, the site of England’s most famous executions, where you’ll learn the grisly history behind the struggle for power throughout the country’s long history.

Walking on to Trafalgar Square, you’ll end the tour up close and personal with the bronze lions of England, at the pulsating heart of London with the National Gallery stretched out before you.