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Two Hour Programmes:

Classic Bicycle Tour of Central London

A briefer version of our traditional and best-selling Classic Tour of Central London, this tour takes you along cycle paths and roads to explore London's most famous and intriguing sights from the seat of a bicycle.

West Walking Tour

The Westminster Walking Tour is a history-filled walk through the regal streets of Westminster and West London. Head through some of London's most vibrant and refreshing green spaces and get up close and personal with Her Majesty's official guard!

Central London Walking Tour

The Central London Walking Tour is a relaxed, educative walk through the rambling streets of London's centre. Taking you into the heart of the financial district, you'll feel the heartbeat of London's pulsating centre and learn about the magnificent and gruesome histories of its buildings and people.


Three Hour Programmes:

Classic Bicycle Tour of Central London

Classic London is our most popular tour of central London, covering the classic sights that light up the capital's skyline from Westminster to the City of London. Immerse yourself in the history and landscape of London, and discover iconic monuments and buildings such as St. Paul's Cathedral, Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square, and many more!

Old Town Bicycle Tour of East London

The Old Town Tour focuses its attention on the east of the city, heading out towards the old docklands and back through London town. This carefully chosen route gives you a local's knowledge of London’s power house as well as visiting sights like Tower Bridge, Shakespeare's Globe, and Borough Market. Discover London's best-kept secrets and get off the beaten path!

Love London Bicycle Tour of West London

♥Love London is a relaxed tour through the West End exploring some of the city’s most theatrical, artistic and culturally significant sights. On the way you'll pass along handsome tree-lined streets and through some of the city's most charming parks and graffiti-adorned alleyways.


Four Hour Programmes:

Love London Bicycle Tour & Entry to Handel & Hendrix Museum

Flex your musical muscles with this funky fusion of our Love London Bicycle Tour with entrance to the Handel & Hendrix Museum, an intensive exploration of the lives of guitarist Jimi Hendrix and classical musician George Handel, who both lived in the same building, centuries apart. Travel back hundreds of years in time and be inspired and educated by the fascinating stories of their lives and compositions.

Classic Bicycle Tour & 'How to Fix a Puncture' Lesson

Here you'll learn how to repair a puncture on a bicycle, with both theoretical and practical explanations provided by our experienced bicycle mechanics. After time to practice the skill, you'll set off on a three hour Classic Bicycle Tour of Central London - you may even get a chance to put your new skill into action!

Old Town Bicycle Tour & Entry to Tower Bridge

On this extended bicycle ride of East London, you'll fuse an exploration of London's architecturally and historically rich 'Old Town' with a chance to roam the high-level walkways and glass floors of the most famous bridge in the world. Appreciate the panoramic vistas of London from Tower Bridge's viewing platforms, and learn how and why this iconic monument came into being.

Classic Bicycle Tour & Entry to Westminster Abbey

Combine a Classic Tour of Central London's most iconic and recognisable monuments and places with an excursion inside Westminster Abbey. Heading inside, appreciate the immensely impressive architecture and get up close and personal with Britain's Royal Family, and learn about the pasts of its most historically and politically significant people.


Five Hour Programmes:

Classic Bicycle Tour & Entry to Imperial War Museum

Here you'll cover the most iconic and historically significant sights that light up the capital's skyline, from Westminster to the City of London. Following this, you’ll spend some time digging deeper into the international conflicts, empires and militaries that shaped the world we live in with a visit to London’s Imperial War Museum.

Classic Bicycle Tour & Entry to Tate Modern

After three hours exploring the sights and sounds of central London and becoming acquainted with its most significant sights, you'll head to the Tate Modern, an enormous riverside gallery and home of the world’s modern and contemporary art. Indulge your artistic side with a range of revolving free and special exhibitions from the latest and most exciting artists and creators.

Royal Parks Bicycle Tour & Entry to Victoria & Albert Museum

After an enlivening and engaging tour of London's most famous and historical green expanses, you’ll be immersed in over 5,000 years of human creativity in the fields of photography, sculpture, painting, and many more with a visit to the Victoria & Albert museum. You’ll be inspired and rejuvenated by the passion and power imbued into each of individual work of art, and captivated by the many exhibitions and collections the V & A’s galleries have to offer.

Royal Parks Bicycle Tour & Entry to Science Museum

After a relaxing and pleasant ride through London's largest and most serene green spaces, your journey takes you to the Science Museum, where you’ll explore the fascinating innovations of the scientific world and get involved with an array of engaging interactive activities.

Royal Parks Bicycle Tour & Entry to Natural History Museum

The Royal Parks Tour of London is a relaxed ride through West London, where you’ll become acquainted with London’s most vibrant and picturesque inner-city green spaces, before immersing yourself in the past to uncover the history of life on earth - from the tiniest insects and plants to the largest mammals, and unlocking the mysteries of the deepest oceans at the Natural History Museum.