Our Core Values

As our personnel, types of tours offered, and numbers of satisfied customers continue to grow, it has become increasingly important to define explicitly what our core values as a company are. These values have always defined who we are, and our identity as a business, and will continue to shape the way we approach every day and its new challenges. The following core values represent the ethos by which we develop our brand, culture, and business strategies.


  • Make Health and Safety our number 1 priority

  • Treat all our staff fairly through paying the London Living Wage

  • Ensure that every one of our customers leaves satisfied and with smile on their face

  • Be an environmentally sustainable and ‘green’ company

  • Employ and train individuals from all backgrounds, ethnicities, and genders

  • Prioritise the enjoyment of everyone who rides with us

  • Continue to grow and exceed our reputation as London’s first and best bicycle tour operator

  • To constantly embrace and drive positive change

  • To promote increased use of bicycles in London

  • Have fun, be creative, and always explore new possibilities

  • Consistency, fairness and flexibility in decision making

  • Team spirit in between the office and field staff

  • Transparency and objectivity in our internal operations and external collaborations

  • Innovation through tech start-up systems for bookings and partnerships