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Is London a safe city to cycle in?

The short answer is 'YES'!

In recent years there has been a huge increase in the amount of cyclists using London's streets. Major investements in cycle lanes, paths, signals and awareness campaigns have already gone a long way in creating an environment good for cycling. As more and more cyclists take to the road, driver awareness increases as well, and the road users adjust their behaviour to reduce the chance of an accident.

Guided Tours

London Bicycle Tour Company has been operating guided tours in Central London since 1991, with no major safety incidents. 

On a guided tour, you'll be led by our fully trained and experienced tour guides, who will give you a safety briefing at the start of the tour and be on hand throughout the tour to make sure you feel safe, comfortable and in control. Our tour routes have been designed using the safest routes to get between the major sights, often using the riverside, cycle paths and quieter back streets. 

We take thousands of adult, family and school student groups cycling around London every year. 

Hiring (self guided)

If you are hiring a bike, you will find that cycling is a great way to get around London. Be sure to cycle along the Southbank near our hire centre, before you go on the roads. This will ensure you are comfortable with the bike and give you time to gain your confidence.

When you are cycling in traffic, there are some very important things to remember:

1. Cycle on the Left - especially important for our visitors from the Americas/Continental Europe who are not used to this. And remember to give way to traffic coming from your right at roundabouts.

2. Never undertake a heavy vehicle - This means don't cycle to the left of a lorry. Lorry drivers have blind spots, and this is a crucial area to avoid. 

3. Obey the highway code - As a cyclist you have as much right to be on the road as another vehicle, but you also have to obey the rules.

Helmets are available for tours and hire and it's strongly recommended that you wear one (although it is not the law in the UK).

For more safety tips for cycling in London check out our blog; particularly this article about how London is becoming a safer cycling city.

Enjoy your ride!

We are sure you will find cycling in London an enjoyable experience. 

If you're considering a cycling activity for yourself or for a group activity, and are concerned about safety, you can contact us so we can discuss your concerns.

We are fully and comprehensively insured.