The big cheese from the city.

Corrine is our not so brand new guide, who will be leading tours in English, Dutch, and French!

Percussion player, poem provider, and Primrose Hill partisan. Has been known to sleep on beaches.

Actor, dark chocolate enthusiast, and fan of Vietnamese cuisine.

Blonde bombshell from the Netherlands, likes black moustaches and yellow submarines.

Catherine is our all-American tour guide who leads tours in English and German. She's equally as excellent at baking as she is cycling!

Birgit is our superstar tour guide from Hamburg, with a fondness for squirrels...

Our multilingual history boffin from Worcestershire. 

The multitasking Frenchman who keeps this place running. 

A fine thespian and a finer tour guide, often spotted in local pubs after the tour. 


Our most experienced guide and speaker of six languages.