My name is Birgit
I am a: 
Tour Guide
I am from: 
Hamburg, Germany
I speak: 
I live in: 
I live in: 
In my area: 
It is a hip place, worth a visit. Brixton is an ethnic diverse area. Historically lot a West Indians live here, and we have therefore an exotic market and lots of different street food. Pay a visit to the Black Cultural Archive
I have worked in: 
Market Research, Customer Service and Catering
I go here after work: 
On a nice day I like to feed to squirrels in the parks.
My favourite food is: 
West Indian, especially Ackee and Saltfish
I love to hang out at: 
Southbank. Especially in Summer when there are a lot of free fun events at the river.
Later in the evening I like to: 
Salsa dancing or Argentinian Tango. I also like live music from Classical to Reggae, Blues or Latin music
My London tips are: 
Take a boat ride on the Thames. You can take a Thames Clipper, which is public transport, to Greenwich or in the other direction to Richmond. Or take a train/tube to Richmond and hitch a ride on a boat from Richmond to Hampton Court
My top cycling tip is: 
Go to Camden town, do some shopping and have some street food. Rent a bike and ride along Reagans Canal. You will reach London Zoo or go up Primrose Hill, which is a park with a fantastic view over London. Carry on along the canal to Little Venice
Before you leave London you must see: 
The inside of a museum. Most museums are free in London and we have a lot! For families with children I recommend the Science Museum. My favourite is the Victoria and Albert Museum