My name is Rob
I am a: 
I am from: 
the UK
I speak: 
I live in: 
My secret London is: 
Kingston upon Thames
I live in: 
a flat on the top floor of 5 story building, with a South facing view.
In my area: 
it is very residential apart from the main South circular Road that we live alongside. This has the added benefit of emergency services sirens sounding off all night.
I have worked in: 
transport for a long time. Qualified to drive the big bendy lorries, and then a driving instructor, before becoming a cycle tour operator.
I love to go to: 
Public houses, (the Pub) and enjoy a couple of glasses of ale with good conversation.
I go here after work: 
to a Wetherspoon's pub, at the top of Brixton Hill. (Its cheap.)
My favourite food is: 
Thai. I have learnt how to make my own Thai curry paste, it is far superior to what you can buy in the shops.
I love to hang out at: 
The Effra hotel, Brixton, on Sunday night and enjoy a jazz open night.
Later in the evening I like to: 
I'm at that age now, bed is good.
My London tips are: 
Londoners' might seem to be cold, but just ask anything and they will be really helpful.
My top cycling tip is: 
to always be cycling with confidence and making sure that you are seen by other road users.
Before you leave London you must see: 
to many things, but how about the deer in Richmond Park, just as the sun is setting, they come out of the undergrowth to graze.