My name is Conor
I am a: 
tour guide
I am from: 
Worcestershire, in the west of England
I speak: 
I live in: 
Wandsworth, in southwest London
In my area: 
The best parks in London, I'm just down the road from Richmond Park and Wimbledon Common, not to mention Wandsworth Common, St George's Park and Wandsworth Park.
I have worked in: 
education before becoming a guide, teaching English in Chile and Italy and teaching French and Spanish in schools in Essex and London
I love to go to: 
anywhere where I can experience new things, and in a city like London there's no end of things to choose from.
I go here after work: 
Exploring on my bike when the days are long in summer, in winter I'm more likely to be seeing friends for a meal
My favourite food is: 
Indian cuisine, although I'm starting to think that Levantine cuisine might just beat it.
I love to hang out at: 
wine bars where I can pretend I can taste the difference between the different bottles of red I order
Later in the evening I like to: 
go for a dance, I even took some salsa classes last year
My London tips are: 
to hire a bike after your tour, it's the best way of getting around, especially for shorter journeys.
My top cycling tip is: 
Don't cycle too close to parked cars, you never know when someone might open a door without looking properly!
Before you leave London you must see: 
a panoramic view from Greenwich Park, Primrose Hill or Parliament Hill.