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Student discount and events. 

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  • 35% off Any Scheduled Tour.

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Valid to 31/12/2022

 Voucher Code:  STUD35

  • £30.00 off any Private Tour.

Valid till 30/06/2022

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  • London Free Cycle 2022 50% off bicycle hire

Valid on 29/05/2022

Voucher Code: LFC5022

Book a traditional bike or children bikes for more than 5 hours and apply voucher code at checkout.
Unfortunately we have limited numbers of children's bicycles available.


  • World Naked Bike Ride 2022 15% off bicycle hire.

Valid on 11/06/2022

Voucher Code: WNBR1522

Choose any bike for your needs. Check the bike out for 24 hours.

If you need to return the same day we will be open till 7 PM.

Please avoid picking the bikes up between 10 AM and 11 AM.









Bikes for sale 2021

Price: from £90.00

Alloy frame.

Wheel size 700c

Single speed.

Dynamo front hub.


Rear rack.

Puncture proof tyres.

3.5  years old.

Male frames available. (Steel)

Price: from £50.00

Small persons or child bike. Suitable for people under 5’2”

Female frames available. (Steel)

Wheel size 24inch

18 speed.


Rear rack.

Puncture proof tyres.

Further information.


Of course these bikes are not as shiny as demonstrated in the pictures.

They have had a good service history.

They are second hand bikes, therefore no guarantee.




To view the bicycles you have to make an appointment, as we are currently closed.

Email contact, felix@londonbicycle.com


Phone contact, Rob, (020) 7928 6838.


A larger size scooter, longer deck scooter, and taller handlebar stem.

350 W motor, 10-inch wheels, solid-state tyres (no punctures)

Custom under board lighting.

The e-scooter can be tested in our shop.


For more information please access our online shop: