Happy New Year 2024

After a bumper year, with thousands of happy customers, hundreds of five star reviews and new faces at the company, both in the office and in our tour guide team the London Bicycle Tour Company can look back fondly at 2023. But life is change, and while we look back happily at the year that's passed, we also must embrace the new, and so it's with optimism and cheer that we wish you all a Happy New Year.

As is tradition, the new year leads us to make our very own resolutions. For the year that comes, we are resolved to:

Get even more five star reviews
Expand our tour offerings (watch this space)
Offer more tours in other languages

The first two months of the year are always the quietest for us, a time for review and preparation. But our core work of sending people out on tours of London does continue, which is why we are running private tours at a discount! For only £145 (plus an extra free per person for groups over four) you can have your own private tour, and one of our expert guides all to yourselves.

If that isn't a reason to get out on a bicycle despite the unfriendly weather, then I don't know what is!
So, with that said, everyone here at the London Bicycle Tour Company would like to wish you a Happy New Year!