How to keep safe on the roads this winter


With the dark nights now in full swing and colder weather creeping in, road safety is a serious issue across the UK. This week is Road Safety Week, and in an effort to raise awareness with cyclists, drivers and pedestrians at this time of year, the car experts from Citygate are sharing their advice for staying safe on Britain’s roads this winter. 


Some cheery news for you all on a somewhat glum day


With Halloween over, a newfound chill in the air and a new and slightly unsettling president in the land of the free, we need some cheering up. So it’s time to focus on what’s really important – coming together, spending time with loved ones, giving generously and of course, eating food. Lots and lots of food. Yes, we’re talking about CHRISTMAS!

Let’s Challenge the World!


In  September 2016, London Bicycle Tour Company filmed with Nippon TV and M&M Media Services, a feature for the program ‘Let’s Challenge the World!’ It was a unique and fantastic week.


World Naked Bike Ride returns to London

It's that time of year again when birthday-suited bicyclists take over the capital to curb car culture, celebrate body beautiful and protest pollution and oil dependency. This Saturday hoards of naked bikers will gather for the World Naked Bike Ride and take a breezy bike ride in the buff! 

Started back in 2004, with only 58 hardy participants, the WNBR now boasts around 1000-12000 bare-naked bicyclists at events in 35 countries across the globe. And they all carry the same simple message:

Getting out and about in London with little ones

With the weather warming up, many of us are spending more and more time outdoors and travelling around Britain in search of adventure. This bank holiday is the perfect time to explore a little deeper, and hiring bikes is the perfect way to explore London and beyond with the whole family. But when you’re out and about with little ones, it’s more crucial than ever that you stay safe when cycling.

Spring has sprung!

Business is hotting up here at LBTC, as is the weather! We might sound like optimists but it does feel like spring is finally in the air (dare we say it!) And London is a beautiful place to be when the sun comes out, provided you’re in the right spot.

Here’s a run-down of some our favourite activities in London to appreciate the change of season.

1.       Soak up the serenity of spring in the hidden waterways of London

Did you know? London rules.

London is full of fascinating history and gruesome tales that our tour guides love to tell you about on our tours. Here are some of our favourites from over the years.


Terrifying Thames

One dead body is found on average every week in the Thames. Most of the time they are not suspected murders. And sometimes they’re not even bodies at all, like this case of mistaken identity:


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