30% Off for Key Workers!

During these difficult times, we are forever grateful for our key workers who are keeping the country afloat. We understand you may be wanting to avoid public transport, so commuting by bicycle could be a good solution. We are offering 30% off second-hand bicycles and bicycle hire for key workers - this would bring a single-speed bicycle to just £49. 

All bicycles have been well maintained by our on-site mechanic and will be fully checked before being sold.

Our single speed bicycles are perfect for cycling around London and are originally priced at £70.

You can check the bicycle here: https://www.londonbicycle.com/hire/traditional-bicycle

If you would like a bicycle with gears, we will be selling some Hybrid bicycles for £100 (£70 with the discount.)

Hybrid bicycles can be seen here:https://www.londonbicycle.com/hire/hybrid

If you would like to know more, please email us at mail@londonbicycle.com or pop into our shop.