My name is Federica
I am a: 
Tour Guide
I am from: 
I speak: 
I live in: 
In my area: 
East London
I have worked in: 
"London Thames boat Social sector with Young people and with immigrants, refugees, Asylum seeker Hospitality"
I love to go to: 
"I live to go around London, for example Hacney wick, Brick lane, Brixton but what I love more are the London parks as London field and Victoria park, but I like also cycling on the canal. When I have a weekend off I go also outside London for example to
I go here after work: 
The castle Climbing centre, To the park when is nice weather or to the pub when is bad weather.
My favourite food is: 
I love to hang out at: 
East London.
Later in the evening I like to: 
Go home during the week to get rest, reading or watching movies. On the weekend I like to go out and enjoy London
My London tips are: 
"Be an open minded person, Leave home always a little bit before because you never know if the tube is working, Wear confortable shoes to walk a lot, bring with you cloths for different season because the weather can change several time during the day."
My top cycling tip is: 
Remember about the breaks and never leave the bike unlocked, not even one minute.
Before you leave London you must see: 
The secret underground london.